Name of Book – Raagmala Barey Vichaar
Language – Punjabi
Author – Giani Bakhshish Singh Ji
Brief Description –  NA

Name of Book – Itihas Sri Guru Granth Sahib – Mundavni
Language – Punjabi
Author – Giani Gurdit Singh Ji
Brief Description –  This book is the result of 50+ years of research of various Beerhs of Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Giani Gurdit Singh Ji and is considered to be the most comprehensive and authentic source of information about the Raagmala issue.

Name of Book –  Ragmala: A Re-appraisal in context of Sri Guru Granth Sahib
Language – English
Author – Madan Singh
Brief Description –  This is a concise book on the issue of Raagmala and covers all the aspects why Raagmala is not considered to be Gurbani

Name of Book –  Madhav Nal Kam Kandla Te Raagmala Nirnay
Language – Punjabi
Author – Shamsher Singh Ashok
Brief Description –  This book establishes that there have been not 1 but 2 Poet Alams in history. The author writes about the actual authorship of Raagmala and why the poetic structure of Raagmala does not match with Gurbani.

Name of Article –  Mundavni (Taken from the book Gurbani Dian Lagaan Mathran Di Vilakhantaa)
Language – Punjabi
Author – Bhai Randhir Singh Ji
Brief Description –  Through this article, Bhai Randhir Singh Ji explains the meaning of Mundavani.

Name of Presentation – Raagmala and Indian classical music
Language – English
Author – Unknown
Brief Description – This concise presentation is a good starting point for beginners to know about the history of Raagmala in Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Name of Presentation – Raagmala Daman
Language – Punjabi
Author – Giani Lal Singh (Sangrur)
Brief Description – In the remembrance of  BHai Sahib Kesar Singh Ji Sach Khand Vasi (Narobi)

Name of Presentation – Raagmala – Vichaar Mangdey Tath
Language – Punjabi
Author – Unknown
Brief Description – NA